STORIES INSPIRE a wealth of emotion, create knowledge, allow us to escape into fantasy, and inform our unique life’s meaning. Hearing, reading, experiencing, interpreting, and possibly writing our allegory, each person has a tangible connection to life’s chronical. Busy, busy, busy… is our modern day mantra. ‘I don’t have time to waste sitting with a book’, ‘Who has time these days for fairy stories or for that matter, to write them?’ ‘Your time would be better spent getting a ‘real’, job?’ Naysayers who dismiss the Arts can be frivolous with their dismissal of life’s fundamental reality. No matter the individual’s position on my narrative there is one elemental fact that may be overlooked. You are an author, the writer of the greatest story of all. The story of You and to reject the importance of storytelling is to deny an undeniable truth. ‘Story’, is everywhere. ‘Story’, is you.