Kite Surfer

The air rises punched unceremoniously from the sea, a spiracle catastrophe that will claim a life. As the thrill seeker jumps from the craggy clefts he lays himself bare to the elements surrendering his fate to chartreuse. Complete – he has faith in the rainbow of flimsy fabric that forms his kite.

Waves insolent and restless spit him from their peaks only to have this false idol return with a thud and whoop. He seems undeterred as the sea proclaims its supremacy, dwarfing him against its mighty gust. Until at last two become one dancing to a ballad of fluidity. Asymmetry of mutual joy and dexterity that belies the truth that this flyer is a pretender, not a bird, nor fish, but an impostor.

Again the sea rises to dispel this hypocrite who pretends to love the ballad but is in fact bent on taming and dominating that which is pure, that which is not his natural world. Each breath expels the impostor. To this end, the sea lurches and clutches taking the Kite Surfer down with its heavy tongue.

Tumble dried in this wash his mortal fabric rips and shreds. His face glimpses the peaks above the break only to be pulled down with each watery breath. The kite twists and knots about him and draws him under again and again until he is stripped from the sight of land and swallowed whole. His empty body does a graceful dance as it glides deep, swaying to Sea’s gentle current. At last two become one in the ballad of lost mortality.